Confédération Européenne d’Aïkido a été fondé en 1994 par l'Union Roumaine d’Aikido (Federation Roumaine d’Aikido) et la Fédération Française d'Aïkido Traditionnel.

Immédiatement après cette date afin d'affiliation Budo Zazen International Société.

European Aikido Confederation was founded in 1994 by the Romanian Aikido Union (Romanian Aikido Federation) and French Traditional Federation of Aikido.

Immediately after this date to affiliate Budo Zazen International Society.

European Aikido Confederation (EAC) is an union of Aikido organizations (federations, clubs, associations, etc.) for the Geographical Europe.

Our goal is to facilitate mutual understanding and to develop contacts between organizations, our instructors and practitioners.

Europe is unifying and Aikido organizations could contribute significantly to this effort.

EAC is a democratic organization, free and without constraints.

EAC recognizes all Aikido organizations, their instructors and grades issued by them.

While most Aikido organizations are in the process of collapsing or struggle to impose schools, individuals or countries, we want to stimulate friendship, honesty and openness.

Aikido is an universal good and should be accessible to all, regardless of wealth, religion or color.

EAC wants to do so in Europe.

If you are interested in these goals, please contact us: